About Us





Who is HexaDec Services?

HexaDec Services is a company specialising in questionnaire design, data analysis and report preparation, as well as editing and software development, particularly for golf applications. It was established in 1993.


Its principal is Murray Cropley, who has been a teacher, a researcher at ACER, a professional officer at VISE, VCAB and the Board of Studies, developer of the Australian Curriculum Information Network for the Commonwealth Government's Curriculum Development Centre, developer of database applications for Curriculum Corporation and, while working for a private company, developer of two assessment applications for schools, TestMaker and ScanMark. Murray was a member of the National Executive of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA), for whom he edited its newsletter Curriculum Perspectives, for 16 years. He has been developer of a number of applications for various Victorian State and local government instrumentalities to enable analysis of survey questionnaires, and Early Years Literacy data and VCE data for schools. More recently, he has been part of the editorial team for the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE), principally involved in editing its periodicals, the Occasional Papers and Seminar Series, as well as annual reports and other publications. He has also edited substantial publications for different divisions within the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Murray has been Captain of the Latrobe Golf Club, a member of the Council of the Victorian Golf Association, and a member of the Board of Golf Victoria, where he was the Director responsible for its technical services: rules, amateur status, handicapping and course rating. His involvement in handicapping and course rating started in the early 1990s when he became a member of the Australian Golf Union committee responsible for handicapping and course rating. He was responsible for the design, data collection and analysis of scores from across Australia and the development of the algorithms used for the Calculated Course Rating (CCR), which became a feature of the handicapping system used in Australia from 1992–2010. He was a member of the Golf Australia committee for handicapping and course rating for a number of years, and part of a small technical group that developed the algorithms for determining the Daily Scratch Rating (DSR), which is a significant component of the current (introduced in 2014) Australian Handicapping System. Murray has also been significantly involved in the introduction and use across Australia of the USGA Course Rating System, and has been training others in using this system and rating golf courses as a National course rater since the system’s inception in 2009. He has developed software for Australia for course rating, and has produced metric versions of the USGA course rating documents for use in Australia. Murray is also a National Golf Referee, and has been officiating at club, state and national events since 1993.

What we do

HexaDec Services is a company that offers three main types of service: golf software applications and service; specialist evaluation services; and editing services.

Golf software applications and service

  • Personal golf performance monitoring (for individuals).
  • Hole index rating application and service (for clubs).
  • Pennant/Grade match play competitions results (for clubs).
  • Pennant/Grade match play competitions results and ladders (for associations).
  • Pennant/Grade competition draw maker (for associations).
  • Award application for ranking players based on performances across time (for clubs and associations).
  • Course rating applications for use with USGA course rating procedures (for country, state and district associations).

Specialist evaluation services

  • Survey questionnaire development, deployment and collection.
  • Survey forms preparation and production.
  • Data collection, analysis and report preparation.
  • Survey analysis software.
  • General research and evaluation.

HexaDec Services has extensive experience in evaluation, particularly in relation to survey questionnaires.

  • Survey questionnaire development. Assistance can be provided in focusing on what the purpose of the survey is, framing appropriate questions, and ensuring consistent and efficient question styles.
  • Survey forms preparation, production, deployment and collection, particularly using optical mark sense scanning forms (OMR forms) and online surveys.
  • Data collection, analysis and report preparation.

Editing services

  • Document preparation, editing and presentation.

HexaDec Services has over 50 years experience in editing.

  • Copy editing of the highest quality for such publications as newsletters, annual reports and other ‘official’ publications.
  • Development, if required, of ‘house styles’ and their consistent application.
  • Ensuring that publications have correct spelling and punctuation, are well-presented, grammatical, consistent in style, read well and make sense by applying our exceptional eye for detail and skills acquired and employed over decades of editing service.