AwardRanker Software

AwardRanker Software

AwardRanker for Clubs

AwardRanker for Associations

What is AwardRanker?

AwardRanker is an application for clubs or golf associations to calculate ‘order of merit’ positions based on results from competitions.



  • Standalone database application.
  • Defined rules for assigning points or determining score averages.
  • Calculate positions based on rules.
  • Produce reports of position lists.
  • Comprehensive user manual available.

System requirements

  • Apple Macintosh: depending on configuration, available for various versions of Mac OS X.
  • Microsoft Windows: available for Windows XP and later.

To obtain a copy

Contact HexaDec Services. Because different associations and clubs are likely to have different rules, some individual adaptation is probably required.


AUD $500 and upwards, dependent on amount of adaptation required. Contact us for further information or to discuss.

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