CourseRater Software

CourseRater Software

What is CourseRater?

CourseRater is an application for golf associations to use for determining the USGA Course Rating System Scratch, Bogey and Slope Rating values.

CourseRater, Golf Software


Calculate course ratings using the Australian/USGA course rating system — for associations.

  • Microsoft Excel-based application.
  • Enter common values for all course–gender–tee colour combinations on a single sheet (eg, green speed, green dimensions, bunker fractions). These common values are copied to each data entry sheet.
  • Caters for up to 5 men’s tee colours and 3 women’s tee colours.
  • Enter hole lengths and pars for each course–gender–tee colour combinations on a single sheet. These values are copied to each appropriate sheet for that combination.
  • For each course–gender–tee colour combination, caters for an extra hole for ready temporary course rating where the extra hole substitutes for another hole out of play.
  • Caters for differences between club hole lengths and rater-measured hole length.
  • Produce ‘strip maps’ of landing zone distances, either from the tee or from the green.
  • Print Form 1 sheets for raters to use on-course.
  • For almost all effective playing length adjustments and obstacles, enter only the required measurements and obstacle adjustments. CourseRater calculates the relevant values using the correct tables from the USGA Course Rating System manual, avoiding the need for constantly looking up and entering table values.
  • Common values entered on men’s longest tee colour sheet (eg, distances to obstacles from greens; green surface ratings) are copied to all other sheets, avoiding need for replication of data entry for these values.
  • Colour coding for different data entry areas are used (eg, where common values have been copied from other sheets; transition zones for green target distances; where an ‘illegal’ value has been entered).
  • Calculates adjusted shot lengths for green target from entered roll and dogleg/forced lay-up values.
  • Calculates transition zone values for green target from entered shot lengths.
  • Calculates and displays all individual hole effective playing length and obstacle values.
  • Calculates and displays individual Nines and overall Scratch, Bogey and Slope Ratings.
  • Comprehensive user manual accompanies the application.
  • CourseRater is used for all Golf Victoria course rating work.

System requirements

  • Apple Macintosh: requires Microsoft Excel for Mac with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro capability.
  • Microsoft Windows: requires Microsoft Excel for Windows with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro capability.

To obtain a copy

Contact HexaDec Services.


$A500, excluding Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). Includes right to distribute copies to district raters for local use.

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