HoleRater Software

HoleRater Software

What is HoleRater?

HoleRater is an application for golf clubs/venue managers to calculate hole index ratings for golf courses, using stored player scores.


  • Standalone database application.
  • Set up required course–gender–tee colour combinations.
  • Enter hole-by-hole round data for golfers, either from your preferred scoring/handicapping application for the required course/s or… 

      for small amounts of data, from the keyboard. 

  • Choose from a number of calculation methods the one you wish to use.
  • Generate the hole indexes. 

Note: this is one of many possible displays, depending on choices in the Choose Hole Rating Display window.

  • Print reports or copy and paste hole index data into another document or application. 

  • Generate graphs showing hole rankings for different handicap groups.
  • Combine holes from separate courses to generate ‘composite’ course ratings, or plug in data for a ‘spare’ single hole to create temporary indexes.
  • Use a ‘try-before-you-buy’ demo version.
  • Experiment with real data in a trial version to test various options.
  • Comprehensive illustrated user manual provided. See User Manual Contents

Issues for club committees to consider for hole indexes

  • See discussion of factors to be considered in determining hole index rating on article here, or comprehensive version as pdf here

    System requirements

    • Apple Macintosh: available for Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
    • Microsoft Windows: available for Windows 7 and later.

    To obtain a copy

    Download a Mac or Windows version by using the Add to Cart drop-down list below. Select the appropriate 'unregistered' version if you want to try before you buy, or select the appropriate 'registered' version if you want to purchase and register your copy. You will need to provide the required registration information so an unlock/registration key can be sent to you. Please contact HexaDec Services if you have any problems.

    Note: updated copies of HoleRater have been added as of 12 June 2018.


    Demo version: Free.

    Registered version: AUD $300, excluding Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

    Note that, to convert from a demo version to a registered version only requires entry of a registration key on starting up HoleRater; this key is supplied by HexaDec Services on payment of the purchase price.

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