HoleRater Service

HoleRater Service

Hole index rating is not a regular process for most golf clubs. Let HexaDec Services do this processing for you and provide a report. 

What this entails is as follows.

  • Obtain raw hole-by-hole score data from your club handicapping system (a text file of the data is all that is required).
  • Provide this data to HexaDec Services.
  • HexaDec Services processes the data, using HoleRater, and calculates the hole indexes, according to your club requirements.
  • Based on your club’s requirements, HexaDec Services provides the club with a report containing recommended hole indexes for the number of holes, tee colours and genders specified.



The timeframe for this service for turnaround of a report is 4-5 working days* AFTER the data has been received, along with selection of parameters from options provided.

* This timeframe of 4-5 days assumes that the data doesn't need cleaning up and removing of replicates, or other possible problems with data received, which would add time.



The report of recommended indexes will be tailored to the parameters set by your club. HexaDec Services is available for consultation to help determine these. Some of these parameters include:

  • Number of indexes per hole

– The same index will apply to all handicap ranges.

– Each hole will have indexes appropriate to different handicap ranges: Plus, 1-18, 19-36, 37-45 (women only)

  • Calculation of indexes

– Use small range of handicaps (eg, up to 6, 7-12, etc) (appropriate where full range of handicaps unavailable).

– Base indexes on individual handicaps (more appropriate where full range of handicaps available).

  • Balancing indexes across nines

– Balance indexes across nines.

– Don't balance indexes across nines.

See discussion of factors to be considered in determining hole index rating on article here, or comprehensive version as pdf here



The cost of this service is AUD $250 (excluding Australian GST) for each 9 holes for each tee colour–gender combination. For most clubs with one 18 hole course and indexes required for a set of men’s and a set of women’s tees, that would be AUD $1000 (excluding Australian GST).




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