MatchTracker for Clubs Software

MatchTracker for Clubs Software

What is MatchTracker for clubs?

MatchTracker for clubs is an application for golf clubs/pennant managers to store, collate and access results of interclub matches for an individual club.



  • Standalone database application.
  • Store club, competition, contest and player details.
  • Store data for each contest in a season. Data entered is, for each contest,
i competition name;
ii season;
iii division/section/grade;
iv round number;
v date;
vi venue;
vii opponent club;
vii contest result;
viii matches won;
ix matches lost;
x  ladder position after round.
  • Store data for each player in a team. Data entered is, for each contest,
i details of the contest (derived from the contest details noted above — this does not need to be re-entered);
ii match number in contest;
iii player;
iv opponent;
v match result;
vi match score.

Match results may be entered individually (ie, a new window for each match) or by team (ie, results for all players in the team are entered in the one window).

  • Generate reports which show
i summary of club performances over time in selected competitions (eg, interclub pennant matches);
ii club performances in a selected competition in a given season;
iii player performances in a selected competition in a given season;
iv player performances in a selected competition over a number of seasons;
v player performances over all competitions over a number of seasons.
  • Club reports may be generated by competition and season, and can show for any given season results by individual player for each contest or results by contest for each individual player.
  • Player reports may be generated by competition, season, number of matches played, success rate, player name, and sorted in increasing or decreasing order of these.

System requirements

  • Apple Macintosh: available for Mac OS X up to 10.5; for later version contact HexaDec Services.
  • Microsoft Windows: available for Windows XP and later.
To obtain a copy

    Download a Mac or Windows version by using the Add to Cart drop-down list below. Select the appropriate 'unregistered' version if you want to try before you buy, or select the appropriate 'registered' version if you want to purchase and register your copy. You will need to provide the required registration information so an unlock/registration key can be sent to you. Please contact HexaDec Services if you have any problems.


    Demo (unregistered) version: Free.

    Registered version: AUD $300, excluding Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

    Note that, to convert from a demo version to a registered version only requires entry of a registration key on starting up MatchTracker; this key is provided by HexaDec Services on payment of the purchase price and supply by you of required registration information.

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